• HIS STORY, A blueprint for peace

    5 december 2022

    I wrote a book and you can read it for free! (the unedited version)

    Are you yearning for inner peace?
    Or are you more concerned with peace at a world level or perhaps with living in harmony with your housemates?
    You may not be surprised these are all linked together, and my earnest desire is that you will experience peace at all levels.
    I think the shortest summary of this book is:
    I believe that without the realization that God is the source of our life and ability it is not possible to fully live in peace at all times.
    We will always strive to generate things in our own strength while of course there is no such thing as our own ability.
    All our potential was given to us at birth and though we have to work to develop our skills even the ability to do so is a gift.
    Yet we often have great difficulty to view life this way. Why?
    Because then we cannot take God’s place anymore. We cannot deny that we are not God.
    The only way to have lasting peace and joy is when we acknowledge and fully realize that there is a Source of unlimited strength and ability we can tap into.
    A Source that sustains us at all times so that we do not have to make cartwheels in order to cope in life.
    This book will give you practical tools of how you can connect with your Maker!

    Read it here:

    His story, a blueprint for peace

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  • His story

    3 september 2022

    Another perspective

    So what is this story I wrote down all about?
    We have been so used to telling the history of humanity from our own perspective.
    I would like to propose we look at it from a different view and see if we can discover something new.
    I am sure we can all agree that humanity is in need for some new revelation.
    Revelation that leads to solutions.
    Solutions to problems that are to difficult for us to resolve.
    Unless we tap into our Maker.

    But is that really a new perspective?
    Or...are we going back to the good old instructions...
    Those that were giving to us right after the first problem appeared.
    We are not in need for new insights.
    Rather the ones given to us long ago need to be dust of.
    And heeded to.
    For what use are instructions if they are not followed?

    So I wrote a book, or actually I am still writing it and posting it on my blog piece by piece.
    You can read it here: journey-blog.org

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  • A fair story

    30 juli 2022

    If you’ve heard the gospel, the story about Jesus Christ the Son of God saving mankind, you might have noticed the many similarities with the many fairy tales and myths mankind has had over the centuries.

    For you the fairy-tale-likeness may be proof that it’s just another story.
    For me and those who take a closer look and open their hearts to another reality we might have never known, it shows that our Creator has been speaking to us all along.
    Through stories that may not convey “The Story” perfectly, yet show it’s innate truth nonetheless.
    Now this just may seem all too far fetched and impossible to you but keep in mind that if God made us and the whole universe, then really He can easily overturn natural laws and appear any way He wants to.

    I wrote it down for you in the form of a story. Because that’s what it is after all.
    God’s story. And that of mankind.
    I’ll post it in small pieces a time over the next weeks on my blog Creator's Joy.

    May it bless you!

    A fair story

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  • Wedding with Jesus

    13 juni 2022

    What does that look like? A marriage with Jesus?

    Some end-time stuff, with an in depth article available to download or read it online. My thoughts on The Wedding...

    The wedding of Jesus

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  • Value

    6 november 2021

    Art is an expression
    of something much more valuable
    than the expression

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  • New blog

    6 november 2021

    I have a new blog (might be a bit messy still)
    about the journey called life

    Join me!


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  • Meaning Hanna

    6 januari 2018

    My name, Hanna, means grace.
    I hope I will always reflect some of that grace through my art. As life itself is a gift of grace to us all.
    May we, including I, recognize this everyday of our lives and live accordingly.
    With gratitude and grace.

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